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Clinical Genomics Biomarkers Summit 2023 Roche -

It's a Wrap!

What an amazing inaugural event yesterday! My gratitude goes to the engaged 200+ attendees and to our event partners who joined us; we truly appreciate your support and we look forward to staying in touch with you. A big THANK YOU goes to my co-chair Vijay Tiwari, and to the brilliant faculty: Clare Balendran, Alix Berton, Rasa Elmentaite, Gitte Neubauer, Holly Soares, Corinne Solier, Priscila Camillo Teixeira, Prabhu Arumugam, Michael Burczynski, Ph.D., Klaus Pantel, Mike Mendelson, Dirk Paul, Julian Jungmann, Philippe Menu, Christian Wohnhaas

Great organisation! Thanks to my colleague Yudong Zhang, PhD, to the event team (Andjela Maticevic) and Casebase Health, Laurenz Baltzer, PhD. 

Senior Leader

BioX Genetics & Genomics

Roche Innovation Center Basel, Roche

Reverse Engineering of Digital Measures
15-16.09.2022 ETH Zürich and FNIH.

A Conference on Patient-Centric Digital Evidence
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